4 Reasons to Get an Auto Detail

While there are many reasons to get your vehicle detailed, here are four reasons that make getting an auto detail a no-brainer.

Your Health

Think about how much time you spend in your car or truck. Is it an hour a day, one day a month? According to a study by Cooper Tire, the average American spends 18 days per year in their car! I ask you: Would you wait 18 days in between deeply cleaning your house? Probably not. Then why would you spend 18 days in your car without deeply cleaning it? And if you think about how much coffee and soda you drink in your car, how many snacks are eaten, how many times you blow your nose, cough, sneeze – you get the point – right?

It’s safe to say that most people don’t deeply clean their cars or trucks often. For this reason, many cars and trucks on the road are rolling bacteria labs. Add stains, pet hair, human hair, food, and beverage spills and you’ve got a real mess! That doesn’t count how many times you’ve gotten in your car with muddy or sandy shoes or dirty bare feet.

Your health may not be the number one reason to get your vehicle detailed, but with all that time spent in it, perhaps it should be.

Clear Coat Hygiene

The clear coat is the protective paint that sits over top your vehicle’s color coat. It’s the clear coat that takes all the abuse from the elements. This includes; car washes, brake dust, road grease, sea salt, road salt, tar, sap, bird poop, water sprinklers, rain, sleet, snow, searing heat and frigid cold. It’s a wonder your clear coat lasts a year!

A professional car detail is much more than a fancy car wash. Done correctly, it will include chemical decontamination and the use of a clay bar or mitt to remove deeply embedded microscopic particles that etch grooves, which appear as swirl marks, spidering and scratches.

Get your vehicle detailed annually and include decontamination, clay bar and polishing to remove debris and restore gloss on your vehicle’s clear coat.

An auto detail that includes these steps may cost more, but at the end of the day, it increases the value of your vehicle and keeps it looking new.

Paint Protection

A good professional grade wax, such as carnauba or Montan, should be applied over a sealant, which sits between the wax and clear coat. Like wax, a sealant protects the clear coat and provides a cross-linking film over the surface of the clear coat to form a durable barrier to make the wax job last longer.

A professional grade ceramic coating uses nanotechnology to form a covalent bond with the clear coat, thereby affording protection that can last for many years.

Did you know that the real purpose of waxing and coatings is to protect the clear coat from damage versus making your vehicle look good? It’s true that both make your vehicle look like new, but the primary reason to wax or coat a car or truck is to provide a protective layer over the clear coat.

Owners Pride

Perhaps the number one factor that motivates one to get an auto detail is – you simply feel better afterwards. Nothing moves you like emotion, and when you get your car or truck back from a professional detailer, you naturally feel good. Every client who picks up their car following a full auto detail smiles and says: “It looks…like new, better than new, amazing, like a different car!”

Owner’s pride may be our fourth reason, but it might just be your number 1 reason to shell out some dough to get your car or truck professionally detailed.