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The Dripping Auto Pros Story

How It All Started

People often ask: “Why are you detailing cars? You’re retired!”

The answer is simple: I enjoy auto detailing work. It is rewarding and at the end of each job, I see the joy on the owners’ faces when they pick up their vehicle!

My auto detailing shop in Dripping Springs, Texas is the result of hard work, treating customers fairly, and providing true value.

And although I started detailing cars professionally in 2020, my passion for auto detailing and ceramic coating began decades ago.


1969 was the year The Beatles performed their last live concert , the GTO Judge was street boss, and Richard Nixon was sworn in as President. Fifteen year old Ken Chance overheard some guys at school talking about making money working at a local car wash. He asked questions and a month later, he was working for $1.50 an hour and having fun working at auto detailing.

Enter the car wash manager, LeRoy. A mountain of a man who’s physique resembled George Foreman and who spoke softly and quietly unless provoked, and no one dared provoke LeRoy! His strength was evident when he would single-handedly push large sedans through the car wash whenever a chain broke or popped loose. And in 1969, the only plastic on cars were the AM radio dials, it normally took 2 men to push one.

Next to the main wash facility was a two-bay shop that housed the “auto detailing” operation where LeRoy busily buffed and waxed cars. A chef’s style apron exposed his black, glistening-from-sweat, mass of muscular brawn. A 10″ rotary polisher slowly moved over the car wash owner’s ’69 Lincoln Continental. Thanks to LeRoy, the Lincoln’s black paint looked like a mirror and the reflection of the sun off the chrome bumpers could blind you. “I wanna be able to make a car look like that!” said the inner voice of Ken’s impressionable brain. And the rest, as they say, is history

ceramic coating dripping springs

Ken Chance, Owner

dripping auto pros ceramic coating


Fast forward to the infamous Texas winter of 2021 when Ken searched over four counties around Dripping Springs for an auto detailing shop to become home to his growing business. By the time Spring had sprung, he was no further along than when he started. No one wanted to rent to a car detailing business, except for a handful of industrial parks located far off the main roadways.

On a hunch, Ken walked in to Fowler Automotive on US 290 in Dripping Springs and asked the owner if he might be interested in renting out one of three large bays for detailing vehicles. Charlie Fowler had owned the shop for some 25 years and told Ken he was planning on retiring that summer and wanted to rent the entire shop. His shop, all 3,000 square feet, plus an office and waiting room, was way more than Ken needed, but doors opened and shut to the point where it was obvious that Charlie’s shop would become  home to Ken’s expanding auto detail business in Dripping Springs.

On August 2, 2021, Dripping Auto Pros opened its doors and the community responded by coming in for car detailing, ceramic coating, window tint and PPF. Ken was able to realize his dream of making cars, and trucks, shine like that 1969 Lincoln. LeRoy would be proud!

Training and Certifications

IDA Certified Detailer

IDA Certified Detailer Ken earned the coveted Certified Detailer designation awarded by the IDA (International Detailing Association), the automotive detailing association that promotes education, professionalism, business ethics, and best practices across the globe.Ken’s expertise is verified through a series of written examinations and a series of skill validation tests that cover all aspects of automotive detailing.

What does this mean for you? Your vehicle will be detailed at the highest level of international standards. No other auto detailer in Dripping Springs can claim this level of certification. 

Paint Correction

Rupes Paint Correction & Enhancement Training

Ken received advanced paint correction and paint enhancement training from Todd Helmes of Rupes, USA. Todd is a world renown paint correction expert whose clients are a literal “Who’s Who” of international auto concours shows. Rupes is the world leader in automotive paint polishing equipment and is the brand of polishers used at Dripping Auto Pros, as well as Rupes polish and polishing pads. This training helps Dripping Auto Pros better prep your car for a ceramic coating.

Gloss University

dripping auto pros ceramic coating Several of the auto detailing and paint correction industry leaders formed Gloss University in 2018 to teach advanced paint correction techniques to detailers across the globe. The instructor of this advanced training include:

  • Jason Kilmer, co-owner of KxK Dynamics. Jason is a five-time Ridler Award winner whose paint correction skills are sought the world over by collectors and auto show enthusiasts. Jason taught Ken how to wet-sand aftermarket and OEM automotive paint to provide a flawless finish.
  • Eron Knox, co-owner of KxK Dynamics and owner of Red’s Detail Center in Atlanta, GA. Eron, aka “Knoxie”, is a sought after master of paint correction and ceramic coating. With over 25 years of paint correction expertise, including wet-sanding and rotary polishing, Knoxie helped Ken refine his rotary buffing skills to the highest level.
  • David Patterson, is the CEO of Oberk Car Care, a specialty line of automotive paint correction & enhancement polishes and pads. David has over 30 years of experience in the automotive paint correction & enhancement space, and trained Ken on polish chemistry and pad engineering. This level of training ensures your vehicle is polished correctly to maximize paint defect removal and longevity of your vehicle’s paint.

What this means for you, our customer, is that Dripping Auto Pros can restore the condition of your car’s paint so that a ceramic coating can effectively bond with the clear coat, providing years of protection, gloss, and ease of cleaning.

Ceramic Coating


Gtechniq Ceramic Coating Dripping Auto Pros is a certified installer of Gtechniq’s professional grade Crystal Serum Ultra Ceramic Coating, which is quite the accomplishment, because Gtechniq limits the number of certified installers of Crystal Serum Ultra to ensure quality in professional ceramic coating installations. While some auto detailers might offer Gtechiq’s consumer grade Crystal Serum Lite, only two auto detailing shops in the Austin area are certified to offer their 9 year rated Crystal Serum Ultra professional coating – and one of them is Dripping Auto Pros. 


systemx ceramic coatings Dripping Auto Pros is a certified installer of the SystemX line of automotive, aviation, marine and industrial ceramic coatings. Made in the USA, SystemX offers a 6 year and lifetime rated and warrantied ceramic coating.

Warren Harper

Shop Manager

Check out our videos and you will see Warren hard at work. A veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Warren brings a solid work ethic and above average intelligence in manually intensive tasks. You see, he was a machinist in the Corps where he worked on rifles, pistols and other weaponry. Additionally, Warren was an audio tech at Best Buy where he installed head units, speakers, amps, and more in cars, SUV’s, and trucks.

Warren’s attention to detail benefits you because he wants every vehicle that leaves the shop to be “inspection-ready!”


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