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Now That We've Made Your Vehicle Look Great...

We’ve made it as easy as 1-2-3 for you to keep it looking great by using the auto detailing products we use at Dripping Auto Pros in Dripping Springs

Step 1: Scroll through this page, and...

Step 2: Click on the product you want...then

Step 3: Purchase your products on Amazon!

Car Wash Soap

We use 3D Pink Car. Soap when we do a 2-bucket wash. It too is safe for ceramic coatings.

Perhaps the best overall automotive shampoo. G Wash is safe for all coated surfaces.

Glass Cleaner for Car Detailing

For a streak-free window, mix isopropyl alcohol with distilled water 1:1. We call this “IPA”. Works best with a waffle-weave microfiber towel. This is step 1 of our 2 step window cleaning process.

Stoner makes Invisible Glass, which we use in the shop. Works best with a clean waffle-weave microfiber towel. This is Step 2 of our 2-step window cleaning process.

Gtechniq – G6 Perfect Glass is an excellent, streak-free window cleaning product.

Micro Fiber Towels for Auto Detailing

A quick word about microfiber towels.

Microfiber towels are rated by the GSM (grams per square inch). The higher the GSM the better and softer the towel. 

Towels sold at big box and membership warehouses are generally not recommended for buffing and polishing as they are lower quality and will scratch the clear coat. We only use these types of towels for interior and wheel applications.

For buffing, polishing, washing and drying, we recommend a GSM rating of 350 and higher. We also recommend towels manufactured in S. Korea as they tend to be the highest quality.

Finally, always remove tags and wash the towels before their first use. And use scent free and additive free detergent.

Drying towels. We recommend you have at least 3 per vehicle.

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We like these for cleaning glass.

These are used for removing compound and finishing polishes, as well as sealants and waxes. 

Great wash mitts.


A premium microfiber towel with 500 GSM. Use this for quick detailing, buffing wax, graphene, ceramic coatings and toppers.

Good all-around towels for auto detailing

Typically used to level ceramic coatings, but can be used for a variety of purposes for interior and exterior detailing.

More cheap towels.

Auto Detailing Buckets and Spray Bottles

Use a bucket like this for a rinseless wash.

For two bucket or rinse less washes. Has a convenient measurement scale on the back.

Grit guards trap dirt from your wash mitt so that you don’t reintroduce it back on the panel.


Convenient spray bottles for the No-Rinse Method

Compounds and Polishes for Car Detailing

All-in-One Polishes

Why we like all-in-one polishes.

An all-in-one polish makes it simple: just use one product to cut, polish and finish. These three are our favorites in the shop.

Our all around favorite for the DIY’r. 3D One cuts and polishes, depending upon the pad being used.

Koch-Chemie – One Cut & Finish – High-Gloss Polishing Compound with Sealant is our favorite for European paint

Oberk Sole – One Step – Medium Polish is our standard go-to one step polish. It leaves a deep and clear finish

Griot's Garage Line of Auto Detailing Products

What we like about this product line is that it’s a complete offering for all of your compoiunding and polishing needs.

This 3-in-1 hybrid ceramic wax may be the best there is. We used it and so should you!

Griot’s Speed Shine is a great detailing spray for use on any vehicle.

Griot’s also makes some great polishes. This is an excellent compound for the DIY’r.

Kits like these are an excellent way to start building a car care inventory.

Gtechniq Products

Gtechniq is with out a doubt the premier manufacturer of automotive care products. As a Gtechniq Accredited Shop, we use their products everyday and simply love the results!

Hands down, Ceramic Sealant is the best product to use on your ceramic coating to maintain gloss and hydrophobicity.

G Wash is the best overall automotive wash shampoo. It’s pH neutral, which means it is safe for ceramic coated and waxed vehicles.

QD is Gtechniq’s quick detail product. Just as all of Gtechniq’s products, this is a must for a ceramic coated vehicle.

Exterior Trim Treatment and Tire Dressing

3D Trim Care will protect your exterior trim from UV rays.

This is a great tire dressing.

Solution Finish Black will restore faded exterior trim to a black finish. It’s almost like paint.

Dual-Action Rotary Polishers

Rupes makes the finest in automotive polishers. We use the three models above in our shop.

But for the average DIY’er, we recommend these. They will get the occasional job done!

The MAXXT poliher is a long-throw and is typically used for cutting. It has a 6″ backing plate.

The Ginour polisher is smaller and is good for light cutting and polishing applications.

Buffing and Polishing Pads

When it comes to pads, we recommend Lake Country. They hold up under fire and reduce the risk of pad failure, which can cause “burning” on your clear coat, which requires touch-up paint.


Micro fiber pads are for heavy cutting to remove deeper scratches and oxidation.

Lake Country CSS orange pads are good for light cutting.

Their black pads are used for polishing and finishing.

This is an assortment of pads for a 5″ backing plate.

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