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Paint Correction and Paint Enhancement Services

2011 4Runner Paint Correction
Honda Accord Paint Correction
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Honda Door Panel
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2017 Ram 2500
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Paint Correction & Enhancement

Single Stage Polish

Your vehicle is deep cleaned, decontaminated and clay barred followed by a single stage machine polish using a fine gloss polish. At this level we are “enhancing” your paint. It is a single-stage polish to enhance gloss, clarity and depth. Single Stage is for new vehicles, and vehicles that are well kept and have little to no defects in the clear coat.

Paint Enhancement

Your vehicle is deep cleaned, decontaminated, clay barred, and a full set of paint thickness readings taken. A two stage machine polish using a combination of medium and ultra fine polishes. Generally lightly swirled paintwork mixed with one or two deeper scratches would need this treatment. In our experience, most cars between 1-5 years old, require enhancement to achieve a peak finish.

Paint Correction

Your vehicle is deeply cleaned, decontaminated, and clay barred. Then we take a full set of paint thickness readings taken. Next, we do tests on the hood or trunk to determine whether a 2, 3 or 4 stage correction is required. We machine polish using a combination of compound, medium, and ultra fine polishes.

Full correction is recommended for cars with neglected paintwork. The amount of extra machine polishing required to remove deep scratches takes time, patience, and skill, and, most important, results in a smooth, like-new, high gloss finish. 

Wet Sanding

wet sand

We do everything in the Paint Correction process up to actually doing the correction. If during the test stage it was determined that wet sanding is the preferred method of correction, we consult with you before we proceed. This method takes a lot of skill, which is reflected in the higher hourly rate.

This is the ultimate in paint correction. Wet sanding produces a mirror finish on any factory or body-shop paint finish. Our wet sanding technician has the skills, training and experience in high-end paint correction and we know you will be amazed by how great your vehicle looks.

Wet sanding has its advantages over compounding, and is often the preferred method of removing serious defects, nibs and orange peel.

Custom Correction

This is custom paint correction for show cars and exotics. Every job is estimated based upon what is necessary to accomplish the owner’s goals.

Xkote 2k Clear Coat

If your vehicle’s existing clear coat is too thin for a traditional paint correction, it may be a candidate for a new Xkote clear coat. Xkote is a 2k clear coat just like what is typically used in paint and body shops, except that it is hand applied. For more information, click below.

Before you get an estimate to repaint your vehicle, bring it to us for a free paint consultation. We will inspect the paint and make measurements of the remaining clear coat and provide you with a realistic estimate of what it will take to make it look awesome again!

ceramic coating dripping springs

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