Paint Correction and Paint Enhancement Services

2011 4Runner Paint Correction
Honda Accord Paint Correction
Honda Door Panel
Honda Door Panel
After (Looks like a mirror...)
2017 Ram 2500
2015 Ram

We Fix Automotive Paint Problems 

The removal of scratches, swirl marks, holograms and oxidation are called “defects” and are removed by a process  called “Paint Correction”.

To be more precise, paint correction literally removes most of  the defects from the clear coat, not the color coat.

The clear coat is where the defects are, unless it’s a deep and severe scratch, which cuts deep into the color coat and occasionally into the base coat. When this happens a new paint job is required.

But 9 times out of 10 we can remove clear coat scratches and other defects with a multi-step process of buffing and compounding followed by a polishing step. This is called a “two-step” correction, which “corrects” most of the defects. Our goal is 80% correction.

Sometimes we hit a home run and return the paint to a close to perfect state.

On top is the passenger side front quarter panel – BEFORE – and below it is AFTER.

This car was scratched by bamboo. It is a dramatic example of how we can remove the defects using a two-step correction process.

Up top is the passenger side rear door panel – BEFORE – and below is the same door panel – AFTER! It’s not glass…it’s what can happen with a professional paint correction.

Paint Correction & Enhancement

Level 1

At this level we are “enhancing” your paint. It is a single-stage polish to enhance gloss, clarity and depth. Level 1 is for new vehicles, and vehicles that are well kept and have little to no defects in the clear coat.

Level 2

Level 2 is a hybrid paint correction and enhancement that is done in a single stage. Newer polishes are available that “cut” and “polish” in one step. This is for light clear coat defects. Mostly new or late model vehicles.

Level 3

Level 3 corrects defects in the clear coat such as:

  • Light scratches from brush
  • Swirl marks
  • Spidering
  • Stage 1 and 2 oxidation

We “cut”, or buff, on the first stage to remove the defects. Then we polish the clear coat to regain its luster, gloss, depth and clarity.

Level 4

At level 4 we are treating serious paint problems. For many of the defects in this category the only solution is a rotary buffing, or, wet sanding.

We have automotive specialty wet-sanding tools and products that are designed for:

  • Deeper scratches
  • Level 2 and 3 clear coat oxidation
  • Cleaning up custom paint, or repaint jobs that the body shop missed.

A rotary polisher is designed to remove deeper scratches and defects. In the hands of a skilled professional, it gets the job done nicely.

Wet-sanding is the last resort, and is often the preferred method of removing serious defects, nibs and orange peel.

Level 5

This is custom paint correction for show cars and exotics. Every job is estimated based upon what is necessary to accomplish the owner’s goals.

Before you get an estimate to repaint your vehicle, bring it to us for a free paint consultation. We will inspect the paint and make measurements of the remaining clear coat and provide you with a realistic estimate of what it will take to make it look awesome again!

Actual Client Vehicles

After we finish our paint correction and paint enhancement service, most all of our clients say: “WOW!” 

Give us a chance to impress you too!

Do you need paint correction to fix your vehicle's paint? Simply give us a bit of information and we will contact you within 24 hours!