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Ceramic Coating for Boats

Protect Your Investment with a Professional Marine Ceramic Coataing

A ceramic coating on your boat forms a molecular bond with the gel coat and is a semi-permanent protective layer that protects against harmful UV rays and keeps your boat looking like it was just waxed for a long, long time.

Advantages of a Marine Ceramic Coating Include:

  • Long lasting – years of gloss
  • UV protection
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Helps protect the paint against light scratches
  • Prevents oxidation
  • Extreme hydrophobic properties
Boat ceramic coating

A professional boat ceramic coating is an investment that you don’t want to do twice. That’s why communication of your desires and our capabilities is paramount for a successful marine ceramic coating.

We will inspect your boat and discuss the options available to get it where you want it to be. Once we agree on the scope, we start the process that generally includes:

  • Hand Wash
  • Clay
  • Paint Correction
    (1, 2 or 3 step process)
  • Hull Wipe
  • Install Marine Ceramic Coating
Boat ceramic coating

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