Ceramic Coating for Glass

Want to see more clearly in inclement weather? Put WINDOW on your vehicle’s glass and watch the water run for cover!

ecocoat WINDOW is a REACH compliant ceramic coating based on nanotechnology for all glass surfaces, glazed ceramics, smooth polycarbonates or plastics. It creates a super water repellent surface and prevents water spots and is resistant to high wiper wear by modifying the surface of the glass substrate.

The result is safe driving condition during heavy rain, as the rainwater will roll off the windshield. The coated surface repels rain, dirt and increases the defrosting speeds that will last for up to 1 year.

See More Clearly with WINDOW

Ceramic coatings for glass pricing

  • Windshields starting at $65.00
  • Windshield and front door glass starting at $115.00
  • Windshield, 4 doors and rear glass starting at $200.00
Describes QUARTZ+ ceramic coating

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