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Dripping Auto Pros

Accredited Ceramic Coating Installers

Ceramic Coating Packages


The Ultimate Ceramic Coating

  • Lifetime Ceramic Coating

  • Engine and Trunk Lids Coated

  • Door Jams Coated

  • Wheels Coated

  • Exterior Glass Coated

  • Dash Coated

  • Front Seats Coated

Starting at $2499


Best Ceramic Coating Value

  • 9 Year Ceramic Coating

  • Door Jams Coated

  • Wheels Coated

  • Exterior Glass Coated

  • Dash Coated

  • Front Seats Coated

Starting at $1899


Our Most Popular Package

  • 5 Year Ceramic Coating

  • Door Jambs Coated

  • Wheel Faces Coated

  • Windshield Coated

  • Dash Coated

Starting at $1299


Good Option for Leased Vehicles

  • 18 Month Ceramic Coating

  • Door Jambs Coating

  • Windshield Coating

Starting at $699

All packages include:

Hand Wash

Decontamination to remove road metals from clear coat

Clay Bar to remove microscopic impurities in the clear coat

Single stage paint enhancement to enhance gloss

Panel prep to remove wax, polish and dust prior to coating

(Installing a ceramic coating outside may result in impurities being trapped under the coating and will affect the longevity of the coating.)

Multi-stage paint corrections incur additional fees. For more information on paint corrections, click here.

Specialty Coating Packages

Gladiataor Ceramic Coating

360° Protection for Off-Road Vehicles

ceramic coating
  • Premium Ceramic Coating on ALL Exterior Surfaces

  • Tonneau Cover Ceramic Coating

  • Wheels Coated

  • Wheel Wells Coated

  • Suspension Coated

  • Undercarriage Coated

  • All Glass Coated

  • All Interior Surfaces Coated

  • Ceramic Window Tint


Starting at $3,999

For Show Cars and Exotics

ceramic coating
  • Paint Correction

    For the Concours package we use the jeweling technique to achieve maximum depth and gloss.

  • High Gloss and Super Slick Exterior Coating

  • Wheels Coated

  • Interior Coated

  • Engine Bay Detail

  • Engine Bay Coated

  • Glass Coated

  • Tires Coated

Requires a pre-service inspection for an estimate.

Dripping Auto Pros is an Accredited and Certified Ceramic Coating Installation Center

Gtechniq Ceramic Coating

Gtechniq is the premier internationally recognized manufacturer of automotive car care products.

The prestigious  Gtechniq Accredited Installer designation is limited to only a few hundred companies worldwide.

systemx ceramic coatings

SystemX is an innovative coating manufacturer that got its start by supplying a specialty aero-ceramic coating to Sikorsky Helicopters. SystemX ranks as one of the fastest growing ceramic coating brands due to their proprietary formulations that, unlike most coatings, require a single layer.

Dripping Auto Pros is a Brand Ambassador for SystemX.

Why Do We Offer Two Brands of Ceramic Coatings?

The answer is simple: Here in Central Texas we have a potpourri of automotive enthusiasts. From daily drivers, to off-road customs, to muscle cars, exotics, antiques and show cars. On almost any weekend there is a car show somewhere in the Austin area. Then there are RV’s, motorcycles, boats an airplanes galore!

No single coating brand fits all of these different needs. That’s why we chose two brands that offer a diverse lineup with superior quality. Both Gtechniq and SystemX offer coating warranties. And each job is registered on CARFAX, which increases the value of your vehicle.

Would you buy tires from a shop that offered only one brand?

Google Reviews

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Mark Morrison
Mark Morrison
September 21, 2022.
Dripping Auto Pros cleaned my Maserati to better than new. They were fast, priced fairly and very nice. Highly Recommend Five Star!
Adrienne Morrison
Adrienne Morrison
October 18, 2021.
Ken did an excellent job on detailing my 2018 Ford Expedition. We have three young children and the car was pretty filthy. When we got it back, it looked brand new. Scuffs and scratches on the outside were also buffed out. We will be using him again!
John Howard
John Howard
September 18, 2021.
Great job! Great attention to details. Highly recommended. You will not be disappointed
ceramic coating dripping springs

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