Motorcycle Detailing and Ceramic Coating

Protect Your Bike with our Motorcycle Detailing Services

Motorcycle Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating on your bike forms a molecular bond with clear coat and is a semi-permanent protective layer that protects against harmful UV rays and keeps your ride looking like it was just waxed for a long, long time.

Advantages of a Ceramic Coating Versus Wax Include:

  • Longer lasting
  • UV protection
  • Easier to keep clean
  • High-gloss all the time
  • Helps protect the paint against light scratches caused by apparel and other demons
  • Professional Ceramic Coatings Come with a 3-5 Year, or Lifetime Warranty.

A Ceramic Coating May Be Installed On:

  • Wheels
  • Leather
  • Plastic
  • Windscreen
  • Helmet

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