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Paint Protection Film (PPF) for the Ultimate in Auto Paint Protection.

Paint protection film protects your vehicle from road debris, bird droppings, UV rays, chemicals and more.

Whether you want a partial front end installation, commonly called “clear bra,” or a full front end, or a fully covered vehicle, the professionals at Dripping Auto Pros’ will install PPF on your vehicle correctly and make your it look amazing!

Strength, Durability and Beauty

Paint protection film is highly durable and strong, able to fend off gravel, bugs, scratches, chemicals, environmental toxins, UV rays and other agents that can potentially damage your vehicle’s clear coat.

Dripping Auto Pros will install one of the industry’s best PPF films on your vehicle that comes with one of the best warranties in the PPF industry.

Our film is virtually invisible on your vehicle. It is made of a special polyurethane designed specifically for automotive use.

It is “Self-healing” meaning that should it develop a puncture or scratch, the layers will reform their molecular bond and will return to its original condition.

It is stain resistant, so that if paint or some other fluid is spilled on your vehicle, it will not penetrate the film.

Its optical clarity is unsurpassed. You won’t be able to tell it’s there.

In short, our PPF is the best value in a crowded field of contenders, and will repay its investment year after year.

PPF Coverage Options

Partial Front

Track Package

Full Front

ppf full front

Full Vehicle Coverage

full-car ppf

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