Lifetime Warranty

ceramic coating dripping springs

The Ultimate in Ceramic Coating Protection

Our Platinum Ceramic Coating Package represents the pinnacle of paint protection. Beginning with an exterior wash and decontamination process, this lifetime rated ceramic coating package will make your vehicle look like a mirror.

SystemX offers two ceramic coatings with lifetime warranties. One is designed for daily drivers, and the other is designed for exotics and show cars.

The Platinum Package Starts at $2,450 and Includes

  • Hand wash and dry
  • Decontamination
  • Clay bar
  • Paint correction as required
  • 1 layer of SystemX MAX on painted exterior surfaces
  • 1 layer of System X WHEEL ceramic coating on wheel barrels and faces.
  • 1 layer of SystemX GLASS on windshield
  • SystemX INTERIOR on front seats
  • Coating is reported to CarFax

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