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Ceramic Window Tint in Dripping Springs

2021 Bronco
Ceramic IR film
2021 Alfa Romeo Giulia
Ceramic IR film
2021 Ford F-250
Ceramic IR film
2021 Tesla Model Y
Ceramic IR film
2021 Jeep Wranger Rubicon
Ceramic IR film
2016 Porsche Cayman
Ceramic IR Film

About Ceramic Window Tint

For window tint that blocks heat rays, and harmful UV rays, you want ceramic window film that keeps your cabin cooler and your passengers protected.

Our ceramic IR (infrared) window film does exactly that! And it also looks incredible on your vehicle.

Additionally, ceramic IR window film resists scratches, is durable due to its protective, scratch resistant hard coat. Best of all, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Ceramic IR Window Tint Benefits

How Ceramic IR Window Film Works

Window tint is a self-adhesive polyester film that is applied to glass surfaces. It is used as a “retrofit” application for existing glass on automobiles to upgrade solar control, safety, and appearance.

Solar radiation from the sun is divided into 3 components:

Visible light we can see,

Infrared we feel as heat and

Ultraviolet rays, which are invisible.

As solar radiation strikes a piece of glass, our ceramic IR window film acts as a “sunscreen” to block harmful UV rays as well as regulate the levels of heat and light passing through the glass. The amount of heat and light rejected varies by the shade of the film.

Our ceramic IR window film is a nano/ceramic film that uses high-tech compounds to provide high performance.

What About Factory Tinted Windows?

Factory “tinted” windows do not block heat and UV rays.

First, factory “window tint” is dyed glass that has limited, if any, IR or UV rays reduction capability. The good news is that you can install our ceramic IR window film on factory dyed windows to block IR and UV rays. And don’t worry about it being too dark; you can get a film that allows up to 85% light and still benefit from reduced IR and UV rays.

Experienced and Professional Installation

Dripping Auto Pros has years of experience in automotive window film. We stand behind our work and provide you with the full manufacturer’s warranty, which is a lifetime warranty for our ceramic IR film.

For the best in auto window tint, call Dripping Auto Pros now!

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