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Got Rock Chip Damage on Your Windshield?

It’s possible that your auto insurance will cover 100% of the cost to repair it.

With today’s high tech vehicles, repairing the problem early is better than replacing the windshield.

There are Benefits to Repairing Your Windshield Rather Than Replacing It

  1. The windshield is one of the strongest factory set bonds on your vehicle. Replacing a windshield may compromise the bond.
  2. Environment – a windshield does not decompose, which is not good for landfills.
  3. Cost – it costs less to repair a break, and insurance often waives your deductible.
  4. No need to recalibrate sensors. Let’s face it, recalibrated sensors rarely work the same.

As a GlasWeld Certified Windshield Repair Technician, your repair is guaranteed to be done professionally and properly.

We use GlasWeld products exclusively, which includes their proprietary resins for multiple types of breaks.

UV curing adds strength and durability creating a repair that lasts a long time.

Affordable and Done While You Wait!

Most repairs can be done in 30-45 minutes while you wait in our customer waiting area.

One rock chip repair is normally $60.00, slightly more for long cracks.

A second, or third rock chip repair is normally $30.00.

Most auto insurance plans cover the entire cost of a windshield repair.


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